Cheating Wife Razia Bhabhi (2022) (niksindian Originals) (2022)

Razia has been cheating on her husband and fucking occasionally with other guys in the neighborhood, Sooraj being one of them. Actually Razia's husband Niyaaz is much older than her and he does not have any interest in having sex and satisfying his wife, all he does is lie on the couch and eat and rest and watch TV all day long. So its not Razia's fault that she gets her tight pussy occasionally fucked by young boys of the neighborhood. Razia is actually a very slutty wife and she likes being treated like a bitch. Today was one such day. Razia and her husband were chilling at home when neighborhood boy Sooraj came to her home secretly and he mixed something in Niyaaz's coffee which caused him to doze off. Once Niyaaz dozed off, Razia and Sooraj started to fuck right in front of him. Later Razia took Sooraj in the bedroom and Sooraj treated her like the slutty MILF bitch she is, choking, slapping, spanking, spitting, deepthroating and rough fucking her pussy. He gave her a huge facial cum shot in the end which she swallowed obviously, that's what good bitches do

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Duration: 50 minutes