A sickness can take a toll on a relationship in ways that no one can predict. That’s what happened with me and my wife, Irene (Angela White). She buried herself in her work, working long hours, and I know she loves me, I know she didn’t know how to cope with the grief of what was happening to me. My efforts to bring us together only pushed her farther away until I got the call from the doctor. I wasn’t just in remission, the cancer was gone– it’s official! I tried to bring us together by cooking her favorite meal when she got home from work. Her sadness was but a shield to protect her from losing me. We made love, it was honest, passionate love from a woman who loved me more than I could comprehend. “If you leave, I’m going with you,” she told me. I was overwhelmed by her love, and although I love her, I could not stay with her knowing my presence does her more harm than good. If I leave her, go back to my previous love, would it be better for her? Is it a kindness to leave my wife knowing that I could someday become sick again, and what would become of her? The answer is yes. I must leave her.

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