[18+] Infidelity Clause

Infidelity Clause. Marla (Evelyn Claire), a private investigator, meets with her client, Michael (Thrill), who suspects that his wife Nicole (Candice Dare) is being unfaithful. Michael wants Marla to gather evidence on Nicole so that he can take advantage of the infidelity clause contained within their prenup. If Marla doesn’t find proof of infidelity, she will NOT receive her bonus. Sometime later, Marla “runs into” Nicole at a coffee shop. They sit together and before long, Marla has managed to talk Nicole into coming back to her apartment, offering Nicole a “safe place” to explore her lesbianism. Nicole loses herself in the sexual encounter of her dreams, while Marla gets exactly what she needed: hard evidence of Nicole’s adultery Rose (Tiffany Watson) is looking at her laptop computer when she sees a social media post from a company that claims to support LGBTQ-related causes. Rose is outraged because she knows this is actually a lie… the CEO of the company is none other than her homophobic stepmother, Lizbeth (Serene Siren). Rose decides to expose Lizbeth’s hypocrisy by posting a video that shows Lizbeth in the midst of a homophobic rant. The next day, Lizbeth wants to do damage control by appearing with Rose on a talk show, saying they have reconciled. Rose accepts this, however reveals that she has another condition: Lizbeth must learn what it’s like to be a lesbian… Lizbeth is shocked, but she’s willing to do anything for her company’s success….